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VIDEz is the best Youtube fest (YouTube fest... LOL!) ever!
We take the best  Youtube videos,  and put them on Mario-Goomba!
Ok, really, us, VIDEz, we are Mario Goomba, lol! Ok...
We take Brawl Videos, funny videos, and others and put them on the site!
And we use our VIDEz YouTube Video players (really anybody can change the colors of a youtube video player), and then we have fun watching the
videos we picked (ok, maybe they are boring to you, but I LOVE the videos I put on here, lol!)!

Cool fact:
I got the idea of VIDEz because I spelles vids wrong! Ok, really, I mean why  would I spell that wong though, I mean... I am dumb or something?
Ok, Back On Topic...
So, then I wanted to have a cool video thingy called VIDEz...

How to say it ("VIDEz"):


Hey! It just looks the same! Sorry for the bad stuff to tell you.
Yeah, sorry if I make you BORED.
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