Just so you know, the menu's at the bottom...

 ATOMIC MARIO FIREBALLS! Yes, mario's fireballs have got even STRONGER!!!!

With stronger "Mario-Fireballs", Mario can get goombas easier!
LOL, nice, just think of an ATOMIC FIREBALL, ooooo, HAHA!!! Think of it on BRAWL, LOL!!!!!!

Ok, time for me to stop BORING YOU TO DEATH! Sorry, lol!

Here are some relaxing (EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!!) Flash GAMES!!!
In a second, first, here is a fun thing- I GOT BORED TOO,
so then we can be th- the... same...

OK! I guess it wasn't fun, but yes I got bored too!!!!!

Here are the darn flash games:

 Ok, sorry for giving you a different arcade lol!

Use ours! LOL!

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